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Math Online Summer Academy for Middle School Students (MOSA) is a FREE summer program founded and run by Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC) students for middle school students who are interested in advanced mathematics topics such as Number Theory or Combinatorics. The program structure models that of SUMaC: we have 10 days to 1 day sessions; Session One is for Number Theory and Geometry, and Session Two is for Combinatorics and Miscellaneous topics.
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Letter from the Founders

Dear students, parents and instructors,

With great joy and honor we welcome you to the Math Online Summer Academy (MOSA) program.

In designing MOSA, our team has always had a common goal in mind: to design a program we wish we could have attended when we were in middle school. In the summer of 2020 we all met at the Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC), a summer program that which provided us with a transformative, meaningful experience through which we were encouraged to create a summer camp that would be to younger students what SUMaC was for us: rigorous and demanding, yet joyful and inspiring. SUMaC’s mission inspired us to grow our online community. We felt that the world needed a program that will welcome talented, diverse middle schoolers and will marshal their unlimited potential in order to build a priceless, stimulating, fun, and driven to explore mathematical community.

While designing MOSA, we kept in mind the words of Maya Angelou: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." We are so glad that MOSA allows for numerous diverse stories to be told. This diversity remains to be our compass — the soul of our program. Unparalleled in its support for ALL students, MOSA strongly encourages grade 6 to 9 students from all places in this world and especially those from underrepresented or low socioeconomic backgrounds to apply to and participate in this program. And remember, this summer academy represents more than just an opportunity to educate oneself: it offers a place to be oneself.

We look forward to meeting you online this summer!

Founders and Executive Directors

Nancy Jiang
Angela Cai
Anoushka Sinha
Natalia Kokoromyti
Ronak Lal Sinha
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Teacher